Dapple Boer Goat
Spotted / Dappled / Polka Dotted Boer Goats

Spotted boer goats are unique and very desirable. It is rather exciting to go to your kidding pen and find these COLORFUL SPOTTED babies.

At Baby Goat Farm we are striving to bring the highest QUALITY SPOTTED boer goats. We're using several Bucks in our program; RED, our SR. herdsire, will add balance, length, muscle & mass. WILD THANG will be used to add bone, muscle, deep chest and very colorful and unique kids. Both bucks have an additional bonus of being worm resistant and have helped bring this trait to their offsprings.

We are striving to provide very colorful SPOTTED/ DAPPLED/ POLKA DOTTED kids with a strong color background on both the sire and dam side.  This helps further the chance of them carrying the SPOTTED/ DAPPLED/ POLKA DOT gene and hopefully carry the worm resistant trait.

One of the most unique Dappled Fullblood doelings we have ever seen
High percentage chocolate brown Dapple doeling
Fullblood Dapple buckling amazing color pattern
Fullblood Paint Dappled buckling
Fullblood Dappled doe
High percentage red/white spotted doe
Pureblood black/white spotted doeling
Fullblood Dappled Head doe