Disbudding Baby Goats
Buckwheat after his  horn buds were shaved

Easiest age to disbud a goat kid is between 3 days and 2 weeks of age

Give the kid 2cc Sub Q shot of CD/T

Plug in the disbudding iron so it can heat up, while you get the kid ready

Shave the head at the horn site

Hold the head very still and apply heated tip over the first horn bud. Press with gentle pressure making a circular motion, no more than 10 seconds. There should be a ring around the outer edge that goes through the skin to the skull to destroy the blood supply to the horn. The ring should look dry and dull all the way around. If not re-apply the iron for an additonal 5 seconds.

When the ring looks dry and dull spray with Furall Powder. Now you can do the other horn bud. Make sure the iron is hot again and follow the same procedure as you did for the first horn bud

Applying pressure to the first hornbud
First hornbud finished
Disbudding is complete

Thanks to Bright Veterinary Clinic for, as always, doing a super job.
Special thanks to Justin Calhoun, D.V.M. and his assistant Sara.

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