Welcome to the Baby Goat Farm, which is located in southern Indiana and centrally located between Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN and Lexington & Louisville, KY. We are expanding!  We now offer chickens, turkeys and holstein calves...
Baby Goat Farm is owned and operated by Sherry and Burt Tibbits. Our goal is to sell quality meat and dairy goats. We are striving to produce goats that will work hard for you on the pasture and show quality. We cull heavily and keep the very best. Which includes: Full bloods, Purebreds & Percentages.
We are working on having some of the finest meat goats available ~ low maintenance, disease resistant and very thrifty under range conditions; while producing some select Show Quality Stock. We really enjoy the 4H Wethers as they teach children responsibility. Our herd includes 40-50 breeding does and 5 bucks (Herd Sires) on our 21 acre farm.
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Contact us for your Paint Boer Buck needs. Our herd has a nice selection of red painted Boer Goats. We also have traditional Boer goats with a splash of paint, very unique! Be sure to check out our cute baby goat pictures, Milking Goats, Marketing goats, promoting your business, What goats eat (feeding goats), Pasture management, Livestock guard dogs, Goat Milk, raising goats and much more.

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